Vuyo Dabula and Gabriel Temudzani to exchange blows in Durban

The whole thing sounded like something out of a television script and the assumption was that Generations actor Vuyo ‘‘Gaddafi” Dabula and his Muvhango counterpart Gabriel ‘‘Chief” Temudzani were more likely to trip over their own feet while still in the parking lot than actually make it into the ring.

But the two men who have been training the actors — former world champions Dingaan Thobela and Jan Bergman — moved swiftly to dispel those assumptions and said they were actually quite impressed by Temudzani and Dabula.

Thobela‚ who is a former three-time world champion‚ said the 36-year-old Temudzani would certainly not embarrass himself and the sport when he steps into the ring on Friday.

‘‘He has got the basics and I believe he will not embarrass the sport or himself‚” Thobela said.

‘‘We want it to look good. His physique tells you that the man has been hard at work. We hope to entertain people in Durban and I want my boxer to win.”

Bergman‚ the former WBU Welterweight Champion‚ echoed Thobela and said he was pleasantly surprised by the 40-year-old Dabula.

‘‘Vuyo can box — the basics are there‚” Bergman said.

‘‘He is going to surprise the Chief. They just need our guidance when it comes to throwing punches on the night.

‘‘They need to minimize their power because it is an exhibition bout.”

The fight will be used to publicise the South African boxing awards to be held at Durban’s ICC hall on Friday.

Bergman and Thobela will take their places in the corners of the two actors on the night to ensure that tempers do flare and things get out of hand.

‘‘Chances of them getting angry and then hitting each other seriously will not happen. We will be there to guard against such‚” Bergman said.

Given that boxing weigh-ins have a staged feel about them at times and often resemble something out of a television script‚ it was perhaps fitting that the two actors slipped into their roles and played their parts to perfection at the weigh-in last Friday.

They threatened to beat each other up during the weigh-in and order was restored when they were warned to save their energy for Friday night.

Boxing SA’s provincial manager and former referee and judger Phakamile Jacobs will be the third man in the ring.

The catch weight two rounder will be contested over two minutes. — TMG Digital

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