Phalaphala FM, previously known as Radio Venda, turned 51 this year. To celebrate the springinto the next half-century the SABC radio station is reveling in change.It has been 18 years since the station rebranded and there is no better way to celebrate than to get a facelift.To mark this milestone the radio station will be launching their brand new logo and a multiplatform brand campaign at an exclusive gala dinner.

“The rebranding is not just about leaving the past, it is about reflecting on our own changes from analogue to digital,” says Station Manager Freddy Sadiki.

“We can now be heard in so many other ways, from digital radio and TV to online.Radio is no longer just in the home or in the car. Listeners are far more engaged now, listening on phones, computers, TV’s, and the list goes on.” “The tagline – Phalaphala –Always There With You –connects the past with the present and future andtells listeners exactly where we are and what we do; the only radiostation entirely dedicated to TshiVenda culture and language,” says Sadiki.

phalaphala fm before and after