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Fork & Knife Meanings

Eating together is fulfilling.  The breaking of bread in either a business setting or at home with friends and family touches something in our spirit.  The ceremony of a meal is conducive to sharing and with that comes a multitude of etiquette mishaps.  The most important (and perhaps most abused rule) is DO NOT EAT WITH YOUR MOUTH OPEN!  It sounds simple but as we get excited sharing our conversation, we forget to chew and listen, swallow then talk.  No matter what you are sharing, it gets lost as the audience watches the food in your mouth rather than listening to the content of your words.

Do you know you can loose a huge business deal due to ill table manners.

Both hands in front of you now while making this symbol.  Look down.  Do you see the letter on your left?  That stands for bread and that’s where your bread plate is located.  The letter is on your right and it means drink.  No excuses now for scarfing down your neighbor’s bread and water as you’re in the know with this tricky cheat code.


Fork and Knife Positions and meanings

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