Disego Addilaide Tshivhase-Helping the needy

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I am doing charity work with Mphephu Children Orphanage and would like to appeal to you Masase Magazine readers to help me with ideas, hands and resources. I am calling to those who are of the same caring heart.

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What is: Mphephu Orphans & Vulnerable Children Drop-In Centre NPO

This is a home where they take care of up to 250 children, from the young age up to 25 years. They feed them, make sure they go to school and help them with their home works. This NPO also do several visits to families and children who do not have parents and give them food and clothes that people have donated. Since this home was established now it has done a great job. They have extended the age group to 25 years.

Mphephu Orphans & Vulnerable Children Drop-In Centre NPO in Nzhelele

Old Nzhelele Post Office Building,
Dzananai Village,

Registered on 17 August 2010
Their services includes
Social Services, Child welfare, Day care, School Work, After school Meal, Clothes donations

Mrs Denga 076 200 7336 (Founder)
Nomsa Mukwevho 076 665 8863
Tshivhase Disego 072 468 1996

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Why are you doing this?

Growing up without a safe home and loving family (like me) it is not a good thing for a child. I was raised by a single mother who is unemployed, selling avocado on the street, but she managed to take me to school.
So this kids don’t have parents and they need love, they want people who can show them that it’s not only about having a family but there are people who can love them.

What will you be doing?

I have decided to start with a Christmas Party, and next year a Winter Campaign with this NPO and other NPO around my community.

We will be giving them clothes, sanitary towels, books and some toys we managed to collect. We also organised a jumping castle. And we will have lunch and the school will be awarding kids and other supporting entities.
Date: 23 December 2016 Friday[/vc_column_text][cq_vc_ihover image=”196″ bgstyle=”pinkrose” thumbtitle=”Kinds” thumbdesc=”who need our support” shape=”circle” containerwidth=”50%”][cq_vc_ihover image=”195″ bgstyle=”lavender” thumbtitle=”Disego Addilaide Tshivhase” thumbdesc=”Studio Shoot” shape=”circle” containerwidth=”50%”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”bottom-to-top”]

Addilaide Disego Tshivhase?

  • Top five miss makhado 2014
  • Stage model for EOHBC and Desmond Murray from uk 2015
  • Face of Carlton Hair and stage model 2015.
  • Casted for Miss SA 2016
  • Was an extra on skeemsam and isidingo 2015
  • Nominated for South African Awards as an upcoming model of the year 2015
  • Model for RVK Fashion Week 2015
  • Promotion model for Perfect Choice, American honey and Brand House 2013-2015
  • Model for Limpopo Inspired Fashion Week 2016
  • Model for Ekangala Fashion Week 2016
  • Brand ambassador for Sidney Designs 2016
  • Brand ambassador for Naomi Mamakiri Designs 2016
  • Finalist of Miss SAPA YOPA 2016.
  • Miss Face Of Savannah Mall 2016
  • Finalist of Miss Beauty in Christ.

Academic history

  • I passed my matric in 2011
  • I am a gradute in wholesale and retail operations level 2 and 3
  • Human Resources Management N6 in process
  • Health and Safety Certificate


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