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21 Aug 2018

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Tshikota Land allocated-residential area 

Disgruntled residents of the Tshikota residential area next to Louis Trichardt took the law into their own hands on Sunday and started to demarcate their own stands on a piece of vacant land outside the township. Now the land is officially allocated to them, at which one…

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Zuma New Wife 

If Zuma does go on to tie the knot with Conco, she will be his seventh bride, and the youngest, with a 52-year gap between them. Conco, who reportedly checked into a Durban hospital as “Mrs Zuma”, gave birth to the youngest Zuma son on…

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National Strike and Bus Strike 

You have no reason to fear tomorrow’s national strike – Saftu On Wednesday Saftu‚ its affiliates and allies in civil society will be on the streets in a general strike in protest against the national minimum wage and amendments to the labour law. But since…

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Disego Addilaide Tshivhase-Helping the needy 

Addilaide Tshivhase Disego (23) I am doing charity work with Mphephu Children Orphanage and would like to appeal to you Masase Magazine readers to help me with ideas, hands and resources. I am calling to those who are of the same caring heart. What is:...

Use Your USB Charger on your HDD 

Being an IT person myself, i got to find that many have their External HDD gathering dust just because they lost that Blue/Green cable that come with HDD. Stop worrying, use your Blackbery USB charger or Samsung to access your HDD. If you look at…


Love Your Body, Love Your Partner 

I cannot tell you how many times on a daily basis I run into people who are carrying around an unhealthy and unfortunate amount of shame and self-loathing towards their bodies. This guilt and negative emotional pattern can in turn contaminate every part of your…